Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) is an integrated discipline that serves families and individuals by providing holistic, interdisciplinary, integrative, and preventative perspectives in addressing the needs of individuals and families as consumers. As a family and consumer sciences educator, you can make a lifelong impact. As a part of the Family and Consumer Sciences Education program, you'll study: As a family and consumer science major, you'll be part of one of the largest programs in the U.S. UW-Stout graduates are known nationally and internationally for their ability and leadership. It focuses on family relations, child development, consumer issues, personal finance, nutrition, and many other topics that center around homes and families. $(function() { Students who meet this requirement will be admitted to the university in their chosen Education major. degree options and guide you through every step of the college selection and enrollment process. Programs offer concentrated studies within the major or a dual-degree option in a related field of study, such as nutrition, merchandising, hospitality management or childhood education. Family and consumer sciences education programs focus on parenting education, consumer practices, healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition and food decisions, food science, human relations skills, personal development, textiles and apparel choices, balancing family and work, and general employable skills. Related Occupations for Family and Consumer Science Majors Some of these occupations may require additional education at Graduate or Professional schools. You do not have to break the bank to get a degree. Web. ), / Family and Consumer Science Degree Program Information. Possible careers upon … (2019, Oct 23 of publication). The concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences Education offers preparation for students to teach family and consumer sciences education in grades 6-12. Students from other states will need to contact their state regarding licensure requirements. B.S. Family and consumer sciences education graduates are certified to teach family and consumer sciences in elementary and secondary schools as well as technical institutions or community colleges. Earn a minimum total of 120 credits in approved coursework. Family and Consumer Science Education Overview Students completing the Bachelor of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences Education program at Southeast Missouri State University receive a K-12 certification, and are trained to teach a variety of different subject matters such as: Family and Consumer Sciences Associate in Science (AS) Description. College Advisor that can help you compare costs and options. There are no additional requirements for new freshmen. These programs teach a... Read about degree programs in human and consumer sciences, which can lead to a career in business, customer service,... An admission advisor from each school can provide more info about: Get Started with The University of Tennessee, Get Started with Louisiana Tech University, Get Started with South Dakota State University, Get Started with Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Secondary Education: Family and Consumer Sciences Area of Emphasis Start on your master’s degree as you finish your bachelor’s degree. Major studies courses include Individual and Family Relationships, Nutrition for Healthy Living, Foods, Consumer Economics, Teaching Methods in FCSE, and Family Resource Management. As a part of the Family and Consumer Sciences Education program, you'll study: Family strength, diversity and vitality across the lifespan; Personal, social and material resources that meet human needs; Consumer roles and responsibilities; Balancing personal, family and work lives Family and consumer science graduates who choose to teach require state licensure or certification. Family and Consumer Sciences Graduate Program Directory. Some schools offer a limited number of teaching assistantships to master's degree students that offer financial assistance for graduate school, or provide experience for those interested in pursuing a career in academia. Graduates of a bachelor's degree program in family and consumer science should be competent in interpersonal communication, critical thinking, consumer trends and human nutrition, as well as family and societal issues. Schedule a campus visit or experience UW-Stout through our online virtual tour with videos. You can participate in professional organizations including the Stout Family and Consumer Sciences Association, Student Wisconsin Education Association and student government. We encourage you to take college preparatory courses in English, math and science, as well as courses in family life and consumer education. Connect with A bachelor's degree program in family and consumer science provides students with a broad understanding of human development, consumerism, and community functions. Students in … Seek work related experience particularly in summer camps or special needs areas. Use the Request Information form to receive a program summary and learn more about the Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. Through a bachelor's degree program in family and consumer sciences, you may take a variety of arts courses, including textiles, design and culinary arts. Bachelor of Science in Education Degree in Secondary Education - Family and Consumer Sciences *This program will no longer be offered at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year and is not accepting new students effective Fall 2019. Acquire teaching certification. The Department of Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS) offers a Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) degree in Family & Consumer Sciences and is recognized as a premier educator licensure program in the state of Arkansas. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. Strengthen your background by: You'll begin your college career by taking a mix of general education and major studies courses. Applicants with a Diploma in Family and Consumer Sciences (or Family and Consumer Sciences Education) or Diploma in Secondary Education with FCS (Family and Consumer Sciences) as a teaching subject shall be admitted into Level 200 or 300 of the Degree Programme based on accumulated credits in the area. The family and consumer sciences education option is designed for students who wish to become licensed to teach Family and Consumer Sciences in grades 5-12. gateway: '' Additional information can be found at the School of Education website. The department is also a partner in the Early Childhood Unified program housed in the College of Education… Each degree is different, so make sure it will fit your needs for scheduling, as well as your future goals. The major qualifies students to pursue graduate degrees in law, social work, healthcare and economics. Course Spotlight In their last year of study, many family and consumer sciences students complete an internship that provides both the work experience and the contacts they’ll need to find a job after graduation. For a master's degree, most colleges and universities require applicants to have a bachelor's degree, though majors other than consumer science might require some additional prerequisite coursework in the field. Family and Consumer Sciences Education. The department's curriculum encompasses the study of relationships among people in their personal spaces, focusing on the … Family and consumer sciences graduates are qualified for a variety of career options in such fields as business, government, education, and human services. Family and Consumer Science Education (Pre-Credential Single Subject Matter Program) ... Education Practica and other opportunities for Community Engaged Learning are a hallmark of our degree programs. Earn a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher from the last institution attended. Family and life resources. program is offered in Family & Consumer Sciences Education.The department has an Early Childhood Unified: Birth - Kindergarten program. }); Family and Consumer Science (FCS degrees) prepares specialists who analyse the relations and interactions between people. Family and consumer science teachers at the middle and high school level instruct students about: The Family and Consumer Sciences Education program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. The family and consumer sciences (FACS) program at East Carolina University trains students to teach many different subject areas to middle and high school students. See the following website for additional information. Master's degree graduates may also qualify for careers as dietitians and nutritionists. Stand out in the teaching field and increase your salary potential. The family and consumer sciences major with the teacher education option meets national and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction standards. The following list shows course requirements for this major: PROGRAM FOCUS: The central purpose of the program is to prepare graduates who can successfully … //-->. Potential Career Options. Consider taking counseling or social work courses as minor or double major. Major requirements: NUTR 1300 Foundations of Nutrition NUTR 2311 Meal Management NUTR 3310 Food Science IDSN 1390 Introduction to Interior Design IDSN 3300 Principles of Architecture and Building … The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, formerly the Department of Home Economics, offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with two comprehensive tracks; Fashion Merchandising and General Family and Consumer Studies. This high demand field offers many job opportunities, but most graduates enjoy rewarding careers instructing middle and high school students. Family and consumer sciences. How Long Does IT Take to Get a Masters Degree? Participating in FCCLA, 4-H or other youth organizations, Working with children in day care centers, camps or classrooms, Volunteering with the elderly and diverse populations, Helping teachers and children as a teaching assistant, or tutoring younger students, Reading about what is happening to families and education in the newspaper, Searching the Internet for information about children, families, nutrition and consumer issues, Teachers in Middle and Junior High Schools. The BLS anticipated an above-average growth rate of 11% for this field from 2018-2028 and reported a mean income for professional nutritionists of $61,210 per year in 2018. The submit button will be disabled until you complete the CAPTCHA. Curricula stresses the value of family in society, and teaches students how to improve consumer and community services. A family and consumer science program incorporates many disciplines into the curriculum. Retail Stores. You’ll develop the research skills necessary to develop and share resources to achieve optimal quality of life. Level 100 Semester 1. Family and Consumer Sciences Education Bachelor's Degree. Speaking with one of our college advisors, you will get personalized advice and explore your The Family and Consumer Sciences licensure program in the Department of Applied Human Sciences is a teaching licensure program approved by the Kansas State Board of Education. Electives in the degree allow the student to readily choose a supporting minor or greater depth in one or more areas of family and consumer sciences. [CDATA[// >